FiveWays a School Nurse Benefits the School

Attendance- School nurses improve attendance through health promotion,disease prevention and disease management. Students with a full-time schoolnurse have about half the student illness- or injury- related early releasesfrom school where no school nurse is present.

Academics- Improvedattendance means the healthy student is in the classroom and ready to learn. School nurses enable better performance, which also contributesto reducing drop-out rates.

Time- School nursessave time for principals, teachers and staff. A school nurse in thebuilding saves principals (almost an hour a day), teachers (almost 20 minutes aday), and clerical staff (over 45 minutes a day) a considerable amount of timethat they would have spent addressing health concerns of students.

Staff Wellness- School nurses improve the general health of staff. According toschool reports, principals, teachers, and clerical staff are VERY satisfied with having schoolnurses in their schools for several reasons:

                ~Teachers can focus on teaching

                ~Office staff spend less time calling parents and sending students home

                ~Healthy staff means increased attendance and productivity

Accountability- School nurses help schools stay accountable:

                ~Promoting compliance with federal and state law mitigates lawsuits

                ~Advocating for adequate staffing aligns with Healthy People 2020

                ~Preparingfor emergencies saves lives and property

                ~Addressing student mental health links to academic achievement

It is ourpleasure to make sure your children are healthy and ready to learn in theGlassboro Public School District!