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Corey Clement Presents $5,000 to Glassboro High School Football Team

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PR201819- Corey Clement Donation
January 11, 2019

Corey Clement is shown with coaches and the GHS Football Team.

Corey Clement Presents $5,000 Grant to Glassboro High School Football

Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement stopped by his alma mater on January 4 to present the Glassboro High School Football Team and Coach Tim Hagerty with a $5,000 Super Bowl Honor Roll grant.

Clement graduated from GHS in 2013, attended the University of Wisconsin, joined the Eagles in 2017 as an undrafted rookie, and scored during the team’s Super Bowl LII win over the New England Patriots.

His Super Bowl experience and participation in the NFL’s Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program enabled GHS to receive the grant and a golden football with Clement's name on it. However, it doesn’t take a check donation to bring Clement back in town. He has repeatedly returned to GHS to encourage student athletes and reconnect with the community.

“I’m fortunate to be able to give back. It’s a dream of mine,” said Clement.

At the donation ceremony, he made it clear that he still represents and supports Glassboro Football, telling players, “I’m always back home with you.”

One of Clement's former GHS coaches, Greg Maccarone, GHS Athletic Director Jeff Cusack, teachers, guidance counselors, GHS Principal Danielle F. Sneathen, GHS Assistant Principal Cynthia Bodden, and Glassboro School District Superintendent Mark Silverstein joined football players in the school auditorium to welcome Clement back. That same auditorium was the site of a Super Bowl rally supporting the graduate last year.

Clement remembers the bonds that he formed through GHS Football, the hard work and the “hungry” mentality with which he and his teammates approached high school football. He sees and appreciates that in the current GHS team.

“The pride here in this town is never going to end,” said Clement.

Thanks to Clement and the NFL, the GHS Football Program and that pride just grew!

Corey Clement is pictured speaking to the GHS Football Team.

Above, Corey Clement addressed the GHS Football Team.

Corey Clement is pictured with coaches and the GHS Football Team.
Clement is pictured with the GHS Football Team, Coach Tim Hagerty (to the left of Clement) and teacher Greg Maccarone (to the right of Clement). Maccarone was one of Clement's football coaches at GHS.