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Character Counts! - Monthly Virtues

Glassboro School District is enthusiastically embracing a district-wide character development initiative and is working closely with a team of consultants from CITRS (Character-Integrity-Trust-Relationships-Success). Along with our continuing emphasis on academic growth, we will be paying special attention to increasing the character of our young people. It is the district’s firm belief that this will not only improve our schools but have a life-long benefit for each and every one of our students. Each month we will be discussing a character “virtue” that will be integrated into our teacher to student language, morning meeting, character-ed lessons, etc.

We will also be honoring a student from each classroom every month based on the monthly virtue. Students will receive a letter home, a certificate, a small token and have their name announced on a special announcement of our monthly Bulldog Buddy Winners!

September - Wisdom

Wisdom is seeing what is right, what is truthful, and knowing the right thing to do. Our visual in September was an owl and we focused on how students can be “wise” and “make wise choices”.


October - Integrity

We can show integrity by following the rules, being honest, and telling the truth. Our visual in October is a Disney favorite, Pinnochio! When you wish upon a star, integrity shows who you are! 


November - Self Control

Self-control is the ability to control your feelings, emotions, or reactions.