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Character Counts! - Monthly Virtues

Glassboro School District is enthusiastically embracing a district-wide character development initiative and is working closely with a team of consultants from CITRS (Character-Integrity-Trust-Relationships-Success). Along with our continuing emphasis on academic growth, we will be paying special attention to increasing the character of our young people. It is the district’s firm belief that this will not only improve our schools but have a life-long benefit for each and every one of our students. Each month we will be discussing a character “virtue” that will be integrated into our teacher to student language, morning meeting, character-ed lessons, etc.

JHR CITRS Overview - Presentation

We will also be honoring a student from each classroom every month based on the monthly virtue. Students will receive a letter home, a certificate, a small token and have their name announced on a special announcement of our monthly Bulldog Buddy Winners!

September - Wisdom

Definition: Wisdom is seeing what is right, what is truthful, and knowing the right thing to do.

Visual: Owl

Phrase: "How can we make a wise choice?"


October - Integrity

Definition: We can show integrity by following the rules, being honest, and telling the truth.

Visual: Pinocchio 

Phrase: "When you wish upon a star, integrity shows who you are!"


November - Self Control

Definition: Self-control is the ability to control your feelings, emotions, or reactions.

Visual: Bubbles

Phrase: "Show self-control, don’t pop other people’s bubble."


December - Justice

Definition: Justice is treating other people fairly, as you would want to be treated yourself.

Visual: Balance Scale

Phrase: “Fair means everyone gets what they need.” 


January - Fortitude

Definition: Fortitude is sticking with it and doing the right thing. 

Visual: Train

Phrase: “I think I can! I think I can!”   


February - Positive Attitude

Definition: Positive Attitude is thinking and believing that everything will turn out well in all that you do. 

Visual: Bulldog Mascot - Mugs

Phrase: Words to live by - “I’m going to have a good day.”; “I choose to be happy.”; “My brain is powerful.”; “My feelings matter.”


March - Humility 

Definition: Humility is being confident without thinking you are better than someone else. 

Visual: Rainbow Fish

Phrase: "Friendship is gained through humility and actions of the heart."


April - Respect 

Definition: Respect is making an effort to understand how others think and feel, while treating them with kindness. 

Visual: Magnifying Glass

Phrase: "Respect yourself, your friends, and your school."


May - Love 

Definition: Being a true friend who unconditionally gives and wants the absolute best for someone.

Visual: Heart

Phrase: "Love yourself, your friends, and your school."


June - Charity 

Definition: Charity is caring for and helping other people through acts of giving and service. 

Visual: Heart with Hands

Phrase: "Show us how you can help your school and community."