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Rodgers Expands Pre-K 4 to a Full-Day Program with the Help of a Grant


PR1920-Rodgers Expands Pre-k 4 Program
October 3, 2019

The Webb siters are pictured at orientation.



J. Harvey Rodgers School has expanded it's Pre-K 4 Program to a full school day, which is great news for Pre-K 4 students like Aliyana (left), who is shown above with her sisters!


The Board of Education approved the expansion last year. Administrators, such as Monica Poland, Danielle Sochor, and Jennifer Johnson, worked hard to apply for a grant to make the expansion a success. The state responded by approving more than $717,500 in Peschool Expansion Aid for our district.


The longer schedule will enable Rodgers to offer four-year-old students more time for inquiry-based learning and exploration. Pre-K 4 students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch at school. They can also look forward to using the new Pre-K Playground, which was funded by the PTO and the school district.


Rodgers teachers also enjoy a close collaboration with Rowan University as part of its Professional Development School partnership. Rowan turnkeys professional development to Rodgers teachers and that ultimately benefits all the students at Rodgers.