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Read Across America Fun at Rodgers

For Immediate Release
PR01819-Read Across America Week
March 20, 2019

Danielle Sochor and Tijeraire Huggup are pictured
Acting Principal Danielle Sochor and student Tijeraire Huggup

Read Across America Fun at Rodgers

J. Harvey Rodgers School celebrated Read Across America with dress up theme days, opportunities to snuggle up with good books and favorite stuffed annimals, caught you reading rewards, Dr. Seuss trivia, classroom door decorating and creative photo contests.

The dress up theme days inspired a sense of school spirit for Read Across America. Themes included Read My Shirt Day, Red and White Day, Crazy Hair/Hat Day, Wacky Wednesday (with clothes that were inside out or backwards), Wear Your “Grinchiest” Green, and Snuggle Up with a Good Book (in pajamas).

Rodgers' celebration didn't stop there! Author Traci Dunham stopped by to read her children's books, and School Resource Officer Ray Giordano read to the entire school!

Each pre-k class paired up with a kindergarten class to read and create bookmarks about a favorite book.

Classes also made hats featuring students' favorite Dr. Seuss characters.

Mattia Crudo and Jaylen Outlaw Murray are pictured here.

Mattia Crudo and Jaylen Outlaw Murray showed their school spirit, wearing readable shirts and Dr. Seuss hats! 

Trinity Michelson, Alexa Iuliucci, and Kira Graves in their Horton the Elephant Hats.

Trinity Michelson, Alexa Iuliucci and Kira Graves all wore hats with their favorite Dr. Seuss character, Horton the Elephant.

Tremaine Norman Jr. and Shaefon Davis Jr. at the assembly

Tramaine Norman Jr. and Shaefon Davis Jr. were all smiles at the Read Across America Assembly.

Brooklyn Gannon and Trinity Michelson are pictured here.

Brooklyn Gannon and Trinity Michelson are pictured at Rodgers.

Traci Dunham is pictured here.

Author Traci Dunham is pictured with two of her books. Dunham read to students at Rodgers and at Bullock!