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Kindergarten Students Craft Gingerbread Houses

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PR201819-Family Gingerbread Houses
December 21, 2018


Kindergarteners Become Gingerbread Architects

J. Harvey Rodgers School became a winter wonderland in December as teacher Lori Kaszupski’s kindergarteners decorated gingerbread houses with candy canes, Skittles, gumdrops, vanilla icing, peppermint candies, cereal and more. Parents joined in on the fun.


The activity was a natural extension of the students’ language arts activities, which included reading about gingerbread houses in “The Gingerbread Baby.”


See below for a few pictures from the day.


A picture of the Troilo family with their gingerbread house.

Glassboro kindergartener Colt Troilo is an “architect” with sweet designs! He is pictured here with his parents, Caitlyn and Carmen, in J. Harvey Rodgers School teacher Lori Kaszupski’s classroom.

Dylan Burd and his mother Anna show off their gingerbread house.

Kindergartener Dylan Burd and his mother, Anna Love-Burd, are pictured icing the walls of their gingerbread masterpiece.

Victor and Jayla Gonzalez are pictured.

Kindergartener Jayla Gonzalez and her father, Victor, topped off their house with a marshmallow chimney! 

The Gibersons are pictured.

Kindergartener Zephyr Giberson had his father, James, on hand to help create his masterpiece.

Danielle Tuzi and Gianna Santiago show off their gingerbread house.

Kindergartener Gianna Santiago smiled brightly after finishing her gingerbread house. She is pictured with her mom, Danielle Tuzi.