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The National Hispanic Heritage Read-In Brings Guest Readers to Rodgers

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PR20182019-Rodgers Hispanic Heritage Read-In
November 1, 2018

Chrissy web reads to Mrs. Mosey's class.


Rodgers Hosts Hispanic Heritage Read-In

Glassboro kindergarten and pre-k students had a great time listening to our guest readers during the National Hispanic Heritage Read-In at J. Harvey Rodgers School. Thanks to Allison Ritter, Caitlyn Troilo, Chrissy Webb, Pamela Gale, Nadia Malik Khan, Chelsea Johnson, Alyssa Rambone, Priscilla Antuna, Amy Cerulli, Sandy Horsfield, Erin Pimpenella, Mr. Reitter, School Resource Officer Gio (Ray Giordano), Acting Principal Danielle Sochor and all other guest readers!

The readers shared books that featured Spanish vocabulary, spotlighted other countries and/or were written by Hispanic authors. Some featured unique tales, such as the story of "Marta Big and Small," and others presented new twists on familar stories, such as the book "La Princessa and the Pea."

Here are a few pictures from the day.


In this picture, Chrissy Webb reads Marta Big and Small.

Parent Chrissy read "Marta Big and Small" to teacher Kelly Moxey's class. The book introduces Spanish vocabulary as its main character, Marta, walks through the jungle comparing her own size with the size of the animals she encounters.

SRO Gio is pictured reading to students.

School Resource Officer Ray Giordano visited teacher Amanda Fordyce's room to read the book "A Day's Work." The book features a Mexican American boy and his beloved grandfather.


Parent Allison Rue reads to Amy Witkoski's class.

Parent Allison Rue read a book from  the Skippyjon Jones series to students in teacher Amy Witkoski's class. Skippyjon appears to be a mild-mannered kitten, but when duty calls, he dons a cape and transforms himself into El Skippito, a famous sword fighter.


This year, J. Harvey Rodgers School also planned a family celebration featuring a Hispanic Heritage Museum and a showing of the movie "Coco." Proceeds from that event will go to a charity supporting Hispanic Families.