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Read Across America Fun at Bullock

For Immediate Release
PR01819-Read Across America Week
March 20, 2019


Read Across America Fun at Bullock

Dorothy L. Bullock School celebrated Read Across America with dress up theme days, author/reader visits, opportunities to snuggle up with good books, caught you reading rewards, Dr. Seuss trivia, classroom door decorating and creative photo contests, and art projects for classes to design their own street signs. The dress up theme days inspired a sense of school spirit for Read Across America. Themes included Read My Shirt Day, Red and White Day, Crazy Hair/Hat Day, Wacky Wednesday (with clothes that were inside out or backwards), Wear Your “Grinchiest” Green, and Snuggle Up with a Good Book (in pajamas).

Click here to see the winning designs of our door decorating contest.


Melanie Sweeney, Rich Taibi and Steven Sweeney are pictured.

Bullock knows a thing or two about celebrating Read Across America! Principal Taibi, Melanie Sweeney and Steve Sweeney are pictured here in their Dr. Seuss attire. (Photo courtesy of Amy Masso.)


Tyler Santiago and James McMahon are pictured here.

Glassboro third-graders Tyler Santiago and James McMahon are pictured hear with “readable” shirts on Read My Shirt Day.


Author Traci Dunham is pictured at the Read Across America Assembly.

Haddonfield author Traci Dunham read to Glassboro students in J. Harvey Rodgers and Dorothy L. Bullock Schools during Read Across America celebrations. Dunham is shown here with two of her books, “The Oyster’s Secret” and “Nothing to Fear from the Dark, My Dear.” She also brought along a third book, “My Sister Lulu and Me.” All the books carry positive messages, such as an emphasis on true beauty coming from within, the fact that eerie nighttime sounds are usually caused by ordinary things, and the close bond between a child with special needs and her sister.

Dayshawn Day

Bowe's Real Men Read Club came over to read Dr. Seuss favorites to Bullock students. Club member Dayshaun Day is pictured here.

A picture of Jim Donovan.

News anchor Jim Donovan even stopped by to read at our Bullock assembly.