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Corey Clement Reads to Students at Bowe African American Read-In Assembly

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PR201819-Corey Clement Visit
March 1, 2019


Corey Clement Reads to Bowe Students on African American Read-In Day

 Click here for a video clip.

Corey Clement surprised Thomas E. Bowe students with a special visit on the afternoon of the school's African American Read-In. Students cheered when teacher Jason Kellum, a 2013 GHS graduate, introduced the Eagles running back. Clement is also a 2013 GHS graduate. Both Kellum and Clement also "graduated" from Thomas E. Bowe School.


Clement read "We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song." The school projected the book on a large screen in the gym so that everyone could follow along.


After reading the book, Clement led students in singing "Fly, Eagles, Fly" and reminisced about his time as a student at Bowe. He said that he still remembers the sixth-grade camping trip. He said that when he and Kellum played in the school yard, the "new" playground did not yet exist. He is thankful to all the teachers who helped him along the way, and he's quick to point out that students from small towns can achieve great things.


One of the more light-hearted moments of the visit was when fifth-grader Jonah Keating showed Clement a bottle-head figure he'd made of the running back as part of his African American History Bottle-Head Biography. It brought a smile to Clement's face! (All fifth-graders made bottle-head figures of the subjects covered in their reports). It was quite something to be celebrating someone who actually grew up here.  


Click on the video link at the top of this story to see the moment that Kellum introduced. A few pictures of the visit appear below.


Teacher Cyndy Wiggins poses with Corey Clement.

Teacher Cyndy Wiggins met up with Clement in the office before the assembly.


Clement quickly bonded with students. He is pictured here with students.

Clement quickly bonded with a handful of students who met him in the Bowe Office. During the assembly, he introduced the students as his new friends.


This picture shows Clement speaking at the assembly.

A picture of Clement addressing students at the assembly 

A picture of Jonah Keating showing Clement a bobblehead biography of Clement.


Fifth-grader Jonah Keating showed Clement the bottle-head figure he'd made of him as part of the Bottle-Head Biography he completed for his African American History Project.

Jonah and Clement are pictued here.

See caption above.

Corey Clement shows the students the bottle-head figure.

With Keating by his side, Clement showed students the figure.


Stay tuned. In the next week or two we'll show you pictures of other readers at Thomas E. Bowe School's African American Read-In.