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GIS Students Demonstrate Their Entrepreneurial Skills in Game Challenge

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PR20182019-GIS - Outta This World™ 
November 29, 2018

Students played the game “Outta This World!™”

Glassboro Intermediate School Students Embark on an Entrepreneurial Journey


Glassboro Intermediate School Guidance Counselor Dave Davenport replaced this year’s Career Day with a creative experience that prompted students to think outside of their comfort zones. He invited New Jersey entrepreneurs Joey and Heidi Hudicka, ages 16 and 11, to visit the school to host an interactive assembly and game event. Glassboro Intermediate School students played a life-sized version of  “Outta This World!™”, a game designed by the Hudickas. The game challenges teams to brainstorm new business ideas using set materials within 90 seconds. To move forward on the game board, teams need to pitch those ideas to other players. The other players then choose whether to invest game money on the proposals.


In addition to “Outta This World!™”,  the Hudickas have created a game called “Launch! ™” and several Apps.  “Launch! ™” focuses on enhancing participants’ decision-making skills and expanding their business vocabulary. The Hudickas aim to inspire other people to develop and realize their entrepreneurial skills. The siblings recently won the Inspiring Change Maker Award at the National Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo and were finalists in the International Business Learning Games Competition. They’ve even collaborated with NASA in their quest to support innovation.


In describing the Hudickas’ experiences, Joey remarked, “So two kids from Hnterdon County, New Jersey ended up creating a board game in their basement and collaborating with NASA.”


As GIS students neared the end of the game, Joey told them, “Here’s the important thing  …  You guys can use these skills in so many ways. I bet you that at the end of this presentation, you use them in a million different ways.”


This picture shows the “Outta This World!™” game board.

The game board

The Hudickas, shown here, invented the game.

Game inventors Heidi and Joey Hudicka

GIS play the game as Heidi (far left) and Joey (with microphone) coach them.

GIS students played the game as Heidi (second from the left) and Joey (with microphone) Hudicka helped "coach."