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Congratulations to the Winners of Our District Science Fair!

PR2223 – Science Fair Winners

May 11, 2022


Glassboro Students Demonstrated Outstanding Work in This Year's Science Fair!


Glassboro Public School District students demonstrated their scientific prowess at the district’s 30th Annual Science Fair. This year’s fair drew 316 participants!


Division I (Grades Prekindergarten – Kindergarten)

First place in Division I went to kindergartner Lacey Slotkin whose project was “Color Changing Flower.Her research found that white flowers will change colors when placed in cups with food dye.


Other Division I winners included second place – Nathan Ingram, “What Type of Trash is Biodegradable, and Does Trash Affect Plant Growth?,” third place – Lincoln Chiara,  “Hovercraft Grand Prix” and honorable mention – Benjamin Hughes, “What Paper Airplane Flies the Furthest?”


Lacey Slotkin, D1 1st Place
Division I, First Place Winner Lacey Slotkin


Division II (Grades FirstSecond)

Second grader Cleo Howell captured first place in Division II with “Ice Cream in A Bag.Cleo made ice cream using heavy whipping cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, ice and salt. Because salt lowers the freezing point of water, the salt in the recipe melted the ice into water that was cold enough to turn the whipping cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract into ice cream. Cleo used two bags for the experiment: one small, sealed bag for the sweet ice cream ingredients and a larger sealed bag for the ice and salt. The small, sealed bag was placed in the larger bag. This method ensured that her ice cream didn’t get salty!


Other Division II winners included second place – Dylan De La Cruz Hofer, “Colorful Chemistry,” third place – Philip Ololuwade, “How Can You Use Your Shadow to Tell Time?” and honorable mention – Phebe Hayward, “Can Color Affect the Taste of Food?


Cleo Howell, Div. 2 1st Place

Division II, First Place Winner Cleo Howell


Division III (Grades ThirdFifth)

Fifth grader Crista Ferrer won first place in Division III with her project, “Do Different Genres of Music Affect Heart Rate?“ Crista discovered that classical music lowered participants’ heart rates, while rock and faster paced music increased heart rates.


Other Division III winners included second place – Alexandrea Whiting, “Osmosis in Gummy Candy,” third place – Ashley Hering, “The Big Gumball” and honorable mention – Avery and Ryan Ieva-Walkowitz, “Sweet Bubble.”


Division III, First Place Winner Crista Ferrer
Division III, First Place Winner Crista Ferrer


Division IV (Grades Sixth – Eighth)

Brandon Barger, Colin Anderson and Ashlynn Anderson placed first in Division IV with “What Is the Best Paper Towel?” The group tested the absorbency and strength of four types of paper towels. They found that Bounty performed the best.


Other Division IV winners included second place – Piper Harmon, “Growth of Tomato Plants in Different Sunlight,” third place – Charles Grubaugh, “Robo Art” and honorable mention – Ethan and Seth Bucci, “Which Drink Contains the Most Electrolytes?”


Brandon Barger, Who Whose Group Won First in Division IV,
Division IV, First Place Went to Brandon Barger (pictured) and Teammates Ashlyn and Colin Anderson (not pictured)


Division V (Grades Ninth – 12th)

Junior Genevieve Lyons won first place in Division V with her project, “Plant Heights.” Lyons started with a selection of plants that varied in height. She cross pollinated the tallest plants in the group and found that doing so produced taller second generation plants.


Other Division V winners included second place – Maxwell Lloyd, “Sign Language,” third place – Carter Griffin, Olawale Osinowo and Olayinka Osinowo, “Do Mnemonics Help with Memory?” and honorable mention – Logan Eichfeld, “The Effects of Caffeine on the Human Brain and Body.”

Project of Genevieve Lyons, Division V, First Place
Pictured is Genevieve Lyon's Division V, First Place Project


Working Together for Success

Many people worked to make the event a success. The Glassboro Public School District Science Committee organized the competition under the direction of cofacilitators Paul Albert and Lara Budney, who teach at Glassboro High School and Dorothy L. Bullock School, repectively. Other committee members included Thomas E. Bowe Middle School teachers Shannon Batten, Jennifer DiLorenzo, Lisa Montana and Stacy Smith; Dorothy L. Bullock Middle School teachers David Brown and Lauren Wilson; and J. Harvey Rodgers School teacher Erin Pimpinella. The science fair judges were Lyn Atkins, Denise Barr, Dr. Michelle Damiani, Dr. Sarah Ferguson, Kathleen Iannacone, Michele Keating, Dr. M. Montalbo-Lomboy, James Moore, Dr. Mark Silverstein, superintendent, and Dr. Trevor Smith. Science fair sponsors included Pete Calvo, Dr. Janet Holdcraft, Business Administrator Lisa Ridgway, Dr. Mark Silverstein, Sam’s Club and Zallie’s ShopRite.