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GIS Gifted and Talented Program Students Meet 15-Year-Old Inventor from Shark Tank

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PR2021-GIS Shark Tank Inventor Visit
February 9, 2021

Glassboro Intermediate School Students Visit with 15-Year-Old Inventor from Shark Tank

Glassboro seventh and eighth grade Gifted and Talented Program students heard from a famous inventor who was just their age when he first invented his product, the Touch Up Cup™.

Fifteen-year-old Carson Grill joined the students virtually to tell the tale of how he invented the cup at age 13 and two years later charted a course that propelled him to Shark Tank® television show fame. Carson and his father Jason presented the product on the show in August 2020, the show aired in October 2020, and the duo walked away with a $150,000 commitment from guest “shark” Blake Mycoskie, CEO of TOMS®. In return, Mycoskie received a 17 ½% stake in the business.

The invention began as a solution to a problem that Carson and Jason encountered. The two were painting when they opened a can of touch-up paint only to find that the paint was rusty and clumpy. After brainstorming a bit, Carson invented his product, which uses an airtight shaker with a small mixing ball to keep paint fresh.

On Shark Tank®, Carson and Jason pitched the Touch Up Cup™, but also shared information about Carson’s other three patented designs, Fresh-Line Keepers (containers) for muffins, bagels, and donuts.

Glassboro School District Gifted and Talented Program teacher Mary Aruffo invited the pair to speak to her Glassboro Intermediate School students, who recently studied a fictional, Shark Tank® type scenario as preparation for their Law Adventure/Mock Trial project.

“My goal is to try and ‘link’ real world with the fictional cases for my students. The case that we were studying involved Shark Tank®, and the rest is history,” said Aruffo.

Carson and Jason told students that they have received plenty of praise for the product, but that all inventors encounter some setbacks. It takes perseverance to achieve success. Carson pitched the Touch Up Cup™ at trade shows prior to its success. During one marketing opportunity, a potential buyer assumed that Carson would wait in the hallway while his father would handle the presentation. He showed them wrong by taking control of the presentation. He did the same on Shark Tank®.

Today, Carson’s business is expanding with several deals in the works, including one with Walmart. During the school week, Carson devotes about four hours to the business. On the weekend, it may be three hours a day. His father assists. Carson remains responsive to his customers and strategic with marketing. He has already changed the color of his packaging and improved the shaker ball technology.