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Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Students Enjoy a Virtual Field Day

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PR1920-Virtual Field Day Fun
May 12, 2020


Sophie Lynch loved the Water Bucket Relay


Glassboro's Youngest Students Delighted in Virtual Field Day 

J. Harvey Rodgers School teacher Beth Conley made sure that Glassboro's prekindergarten and kindergarten students didn't miss out on their Field Day this year. She created a virtual Field Day.  


Conley videotaped herself introducing and performing seven Field Day activities. She asked parents to choose three of the activities for their children to do at home. Parents and siblings were welcome to join in the fun. (Link to videos. You'll need to scroll down.)


Activity stations included the Soccer Ball Pass, Water Bucket Relay, Chalk Sensory Movement Path, Bubbles, Alphabet Relay, Bean Bag Toss, and Cup Stacking Run. Conley provided pointers on ways to switch up materials (if parents didn't have them at home) and activities (if children found them too challenging). For example, she told parents that they could substitute pots for buckets, towels for sponges, and small stuffed animals for beanbags. If students weren't developmentally ready to kick a soccer ball in and out of cones, parents and students could just kick the ball back and forth.


This virtual challenge resulted in outdoor play for youngsters across Glassboro as families enjoyed Field Day activities while still practicing social distancing at home. Parents shared smiling pictures and videos of their children as they cycled through the activity stations. Conley was happy to provide students with an opportunity to experience Field Day, enjoy the outdoors, and practice their large motor skills.

Mira Gale shows off her Sensory Movement Path.


Nolan Reyes enjoying his Virtual Field Day.


Alexandra and the Cup Stack Run.

Molly Smith pictured blowing bubbles

Marley Davis and her mom at their Virtual Field Day

Picture of student at Station 7