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Teacher Sends Smiles Across the Miles

For Immediate Release
PR1920-Bullock Project
May 4, 2020

A picture of the letter that reached students  

Glassboro Teacher's Project Prompts Smiles Across the Miles


Glassboro teacher Laure Budney reached across the miles to touch the hearts of her second-grade students recently. The Dorothy L. Bullock School teacher mailed a miniature, laminated,  paper cutout of herself to every student. The letter accompanying the cutout told students just how much Budney missed them. 


"I miss seeing your smiling faces so much! I believe in you. I am here for you. I care about you, and you are loved. We are in this thing together; you are the reason I smile every day," wrote Budney.


The teacher encouraged students to take the paper friend on a nature walk, include her in the drawing of a setting from their favorite book, read with her, insert her into silly situations, paint with her and more.


Students responded with smiles and creativity. Parents soon shared photos of their children opening up the letter, playing card games with the cutout, and taking their “teacher friend” on walks with the family dog.


Budney and other teachers throughout Glassboro are continually working on innovative ways to reach students through distance learning.


Students are shown incorporating the Mini-Mrs. Budney into their day.

Students Zachary, Jax and Crista are shown incorporating their teacher's cutout into their daily activities!