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COVID-19 Update - Glassboro Cases/Resources

For Immediate Release 
March 28, 2020

Coronovirus (COVID-19) Update - Glassboro Cases/Resources


As of early afternoon on 3/28, the Gloucester County Development and Prevention COVID-19 website ( reported that there were 56 COVID-19 cases in Gloucester County and 7 in Glassboro. The numbers there are updated frequently and may have changed by the time you view this. The Gloucester County Development and Prevention COVID-19 website is a joint venture of the Gloucester County Department of Health and the Department of Emergency Management. It was created to provide guidance on COVID-19.


Sadly, our school district has also received unofficial reports through social media that the family of one of our students is sick with Coronavirus (COVID-19). They are in our thoughts at this time.


Even though our school district is closed, you and your families are in our thoughts as well. Please follow official health guidelines on social distancing, handwashing, and household cleaning. Here are a few key resources: - The Official New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub - The site for Governor Murphy's press conferences The CDC webpage for COVID-19 information - A website by Apple, the CDC, FEMA and The White House - The Borough of Glassboro website - The Glassboro Office of Emergency Management