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Glassboro School District Buildings Receive Electrostatic Cleaning

For Immediate Release 
PR1920-Electrostatic Cleaning
March 27, 2020

Glassboro School District Buildings Receive Specialized Cleaning

As noted on the front page of "The Sentinel," Glassboro School District is committed to maintaining a healthy, sanitary environment in its buildings. District custodians have intensively cleaned the schools. The school district also recently supplemented its cleaning services by bringing in Germ-Nix, a company that specializes in cleaning and sanitation. The company finished cleaning all buildings during the week of March 16. Germ-Nix employees are shown here with electrostatic sprayers and other equipment they use to sanitize surfaces that are easily missed or hard to reach by hand.


Germ-Nix employees are shown prior to deep-cleaning Glassboro Intermediate School.