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Suspicious Incident/Person Reported


On or about Friday, 9/20/19 and Monday, 9/23/19, several students at Glassboro Intermediate School expressed concern over a suspicious person they believed might have been following them while walking home after school after being dismissed for the day.  This information was given to the police department and additional patrols have been established for added security.

Even though no student has been threatened directly or indirectly, the School Resource Officer will be patrolling the neighborhood area during and after school for added security. The intermediate school students have been addressed about this issue and given instructions on how to react if they perceive any suspicious activity. At this time, there is no imminent threat, but students are reminded to be vigilant walking to and from school and report anything they suspect is out of the norm. If any suspicious activity occurs before or after school hours please call 911 immediately and report the incident. Please feel free to contact the GIS SRO at any time 856-652-2700, X-2999.