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Students Shine at District Science Fair

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PR001819 – Science Fair Winners


Congratulations to the Winners of the Glassboro School District Science Fair!


Glassboro Public School District students demonstrated their scientific prowess at the district’s 27th Annual Science Fair. This year’s fair drew 186 individual/small group projects, 227 participants and hundreds of spectators. The fair also showcased 11 classroom projects.


Division I (Grades Kindergarten – First)


First place went to kindergartener Gabriella Hargrave, whose project was “Fighting Germs.” Her research found that soap and water topped hand sanitizer for killing germs.


Other Division I winners included second place – Seth Bucci, “How Much Sugar is in that Drink?”; third place – Alexandrea Whiting, “Testing the Effectiveness of Composting Under Different Conditions” and honorable mention – Matthew Taylor, “Trains: Steam Versus Diesel.”


Gabriella (right) and Francesca Hargrave are shown here.

First place Division I winner Gabriella Hargrave (right) and her sister Francesa, who one second place in Division II


Division II (Grades Second – Third)

Third-graders Abigail Johns and Ellie Whitaker, who captured first place in Division II, tested for the presence of chemicals in water for their experiment, “Water Quality Testing.” The students’ experiment found more chemicals in well-water than in municipal water.


Other Division II winners included second place – Francesca Hargrave, “Bridge Strength;” third place – Gianna Askin, “Mummification” and honorable mention – Neela Screvin, “The Unsinkable.”

First place Division III winners are pictured.

First place, Division II - Ellie Whitaker (left) and Abigail Johns (right) 


Division III (Grades Fourth – Sixth)

Fifth-grader Sunsarai Moore, who won first place in Division III, named her project “Rise and Fall of Cupcakes.” Moore experimented with making cupcakes with or without baking powder and with letting the batter rest prior to baking. Her cupcakes rose the highest when she added baking powder to the batter without building in additional resting time.


Other Division III winners included second place – Cassidy Kopp, “Dizzy, Dizzy Everywhere! The Effects of Spinning on The Body;” third place – Alice Dinzeo, “Which Soil Is Best for Growing?” and honorable mention – Danny Adams, Dylan Adams, Gavin Dillard and Colin Riley, “The Stroop Effect: Does Age Affect the Stroop Test?”


Division III winner Sunsarai Moore is pictured here.

First place, Division III - Sunsarai Moore


Division IV (Grades Seventh – Eighth)

Division IV’s first place winners, eighth-graders Kadie DiGiuseppe, Julia Lipsett, Lauryn Miller and Gabriella Randazzo, won for their project, “What Is the Dirtiest Part of a Public Restroom?” The group discovered that the sink handle/spout had the most bacteria, followed by the toilet handle/flushing mechanism.


Other Division IV winners included second place – McKenna McIlvaine, “Rev It Up;” third place – Dylan Barbour, “Which Substance Has a Higher Heat Capacity, Dirt or Sand?” and honorable mention – Vincent Bognanni, Jason Fowler, Ethan Fox and William Pinder, “Which Company Puts More Air in a Bag of Chips?”


First place, Division IV winners are pictured here.

First place, Division IV - Kadie DiGiuseppe, Lauryn MillerJulia Lipsett, and Gabriella Randazzo


Division V (Grades Ninth – 12th)

Juniors/seniors Colleen Keating, Ivan Lim, Shelby Chang and Jacob Smith captured first place in Division V with their project, “Hydrogen Fuel Cell.” Their experiment used the hydrogen in water to power an LED light. Additional research led them to conclude that “hydrogen fuels are more efficient than regular fuel.”


Other Division V winners included second place – Athena Le, “The Future of Preventative Medicine”;  third place – Sophia D’Anna, Antonio DeAngelis, Dominick Profico and Max Wickel, “Making Midi Music” and honorable mention – Madison Griffin, “Memory and Personality.”


First place, Division V winners are pictured.

First place, Division V - Colleen Keating, Shelby Change, Ivan Lim and Jacob Smith (not pictured)  


The fair also featured community outreach from Rowan University. The Rowan University Physics Club performed science demonstrations at the fair.


Working Together for Success

Many people worked to make the event a success. This year’s Science Fair sponsors were Dr. Janet Holdcraft and Zallie’s ShopRite. The Glassboro Public School District Science Committee organized the competition. Committee members included Denise Barr, co-facilitator and Glassboro Intermediate School lead teacher/SIG grant coordinator; Dennis Scheuer, co-facilitator and Glassboro High School teacher; Shannon Batten, Glassboro Intermediate School teacher; David Brown, Dorothy L. Bullock School; Laure Budney, Dorothy L. Bullock School teacher; Charles Clark, Thomas E. Bowe School teacher; Jennifer DiLorenzo, Thomas E. Bowe School teacher; Patricia Kately, J. Harvey Rodgers School teacher; Lacy Lupi, Thomas E. Bowe School teacher; Lisa Montana, Glassboro Intermediate School teacher; Susan Powers, Glassboro High School teacher and Biomedical Program coordinator; and Danielle Sochor, Glassboro School District chief academic officer. Judges included Tim Barr, Marianne Carver, Christine Dutka, Sarah Ferguson,  Joseph Herrschaft, Reginald Hickman, Kathleen Iannacone, Michael Keller, Barbara Moore, James Moore, Alan Norton, Eshe Price, John Schneider, Dr. Trevor Smith, Principal Rich Taibi, and George Woerner.