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Glassboro BOE Recognizes Dr. Dennis Gaal from ExxonMobil for Bringing Science Experiments into Our Schools

For Immediate Release 
PR0001718-Glassboro BOE Honors ExxonMobil Ambassador
April 20, 2018


Dr. Gaal is pictured with BOE President Pete Calvo, teacher Mary Aruffo, and Dr. Mark Silverstein, our superintendent.  


Glassboro Board of Education Recognizes ExxonMobil Science Ambassador  

The Glassboro Board of Education recently awarded Dr. Dennis A. Gaal a certificate of appreciation for bringing hands-on science and engineering experiments to Glassboro students. Gaal, an ExxonMobil Science Ambassador from ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, has been visiting Glassboro School District classrooms for seven years. During that time, he has taught students about the science of bouncy balls, algae as a food source, Van De Graaff generators and super absorbent polymers (used in disposable diapers and fake snow).


STEM/Gifted and Talented Program teacher Mary Aruffo presented the award to Gaal. She noted that he has helped the district receive approximately $5,000 in grant money through the years as part of the ExxonMobil Science Ambassador program.


Gaal is also the parent of two students in the Glassboro School District. His wife is related to Thomas E. Bowe, for whom Glassboro’s fourth- through sixth-grade school is named.


Gaal (second from the right) is pictured above with Board of Education President Pete Calvo (far left), STEM/Gifted and Talented Program teacher Mary Aruffo, and Dr. Mark J. Silverstein, Glassboro School District superintendent.