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District Vestibule Policy


**District wide policy on the school safety/security and vestibule**

As part of our commitment to provide a safe and secure school environment for our students, we will continue to implement our school security procedures utilizing the new vestibule. We kindly ask and require all parents to call the Main Office at 856-652-2700, in advance to notify us if there is a need to pick up a child early. We are also requesting that each visitor use the buzzer near the door and be prepared with the following:

  • Explain the purpose of visit
  • Show valid official photo identification (drive license preferred)
  • Leave any items to be delivered on the table/cart inside the vestibule; indicating the students name and grade on the item(s)
  • If coming to a scheduled meeting or wanting to speak with school official, wait in the vestibule until an official arrives and sign into the visitors log
  • If coming to pick up a student for early dismissal or due to illness, please wait in vestibule, sign into the visitors log and student MUST sign out

Due to the busy nature of the school day, unscheduled visitors wishing to see staff members or administrators may need to wait to be accommodated. It is recommended that parents call the school first or leave contact information to schedule an appointment