• Monet_Flowers

    About Mr. Monaco

    Hello! My name is Tyler Monaco and I will be your child's middle school art teacher. I am excited to be on this adventure as we dive into a world of excitement and creativity throughout the course of the school year. A little about me: I am 26 years old and finished my undergrad at Rowan University as an Art Education major. Before Rowan, I attended GCSJ and obtained an associates degree in Art and Science: Art Option. This is also my second year teaching here at the Thomas E. Bowe Middle School. When not in the classroom, you could usually find me exploring museums, baking, drawing/ creating art, or even spending time with friends and family. 

    When looking at the world today, creativity is a key component when it comes to our lives. If our life becomes too structured, we start to lose the creative parts of ourselves. Ultimately, my overall goal is to restore that within the minds of the youth today.  My end goal for your child is that I plan on showing them that when creativity flows, anything is possible and not children don't have the philosophy of “I can’t” but only “I cans” within the classroom and when viewing their work.

    For additional information please follow the link to my Google Site: https://sites.google.com/view/gpsdartroom/home