• Student and employee safety is a priority. Visitors are required to buzz in at the front door (which is located near the corner of Georgetown and Yale Roads) and must report directly to the main office, where they will be required to confirm a specific appointment/reason for their visit. All visitors will have to provide identification. Before accessing the building, all visitors will be given a badge to signify that they have checked in. Please understand, that you may be asked for building issued visitor identification throughout the building, based upon the nature of your visit. As always, our goal is to keep our children safe.      

    No visitors are permitted to walk the building or visit classrooms without the knowledge of the office staff. Many times throughout the year our young students may forget important items (i.e. book bags, lunch, library books) or you may wish to drop off birthday snacks, for example. Any items that you may wish to drop off can be left in the main office and will be delivered by building staff.

    Students will ONLY be released to individuals who the parent has designated as appropriate. Please keep your STUDENT PICK-UP AUTHORIZATION FORM current and contact both the main office and your child’s teacher in the event of any changes. A Student Pick-Up Authorization Form will be required to be filled at the start of the school year. Anyone picking up a child will be required to show identification.

    Procedures are in place to ensure the safety of our students during an emergency. The  procedures are practiced frequently, and all staff members are trained on following the safety drill protocols. Fire drills or other safety drills are held twice a month, as prescribed  by law. If a school evacuation and reunification is deemed necessary, student release protocols will be followed to ensure the safety and security of all students being picked up. Protocols include the requirement that anyone picking up a child from the relocation site will be required to show identification. Reunification protocols are carefully reviewed and revised on an annual basis. Their purpose is to keep all students safe and to reunite parents with their children in a secure, organized manner.