When dropping students off, please enter the school's “horseshoe” parking lot on Dickinson Rd. For safety reasons, we ask that children are seated in the back seat on the passenger side. In order to expedite parent drop off, we ask that when your children are getting out of the car, they are ready to enter the building (ex: coats on) and conversations with staff be minimal. It is important for parents to pull up as far as possible when turning into the horseshoe to allow as many cars into the drop off area as possible. Due to limited parking, we ask that you utilize the drop-off horseshoe rather than parking and walking your child up to the door. Parking in any unauthorized areas or places will impede the flow of traffic and create a safety risk for students and staff.

    All students not taking the bus and being driven to school may be dropped off between 8:25 AM and 8:40 AM. It is very important that students arrive to school on time. Bus drop-off takes place along Yale Road and it is important to remember that there are no cars allowed in the bus zones. Students who do not arrive by 8:40 AM will need to be checked in at the main office and will be marked as tardy. The drop-off doors will be closed and locked at 8:40 AM each morning. If students are tardy on a consistent basis, a meeting with the principal may be required.

    All bus students and walkers are escorted into the building by a J. Harvey Rodgers staff member and dropped off at their classroom.



    Be advised that buses will drop off and pick up students at the front of the building.  All students riding on buses are required to wear seat belts and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that enables our drivers to focus on ensuring a safe and timely arrival to school and also home.  Inappropriate conduct on buses is not acceptable as it jeopardizes the safety of all on board and on the roadways.  For serious and/or repeated infractions on the bus, a student’s transportation privileges may be suspended.  We appreciate in advance the support of parents in reviewing behavioral expectations during transport to and from school.

    Bus Transportation Rules

    The following rules must be adhered to by all students transported on buses:

    1.   Students must sit in assigned seats.

    2.   Students must remain seated at all times until they are dismissed from the bus.

    3.   Face coverings must be worn at all times.

    4.   There is no eating or drinking on the bus.

    5.   Listen to instructions from the bus driver.

    Additional Bus Note

    As is always the case, no parents/guardians are permitted on buses during pick-up or drop-off times.  Only students assigned to the bus and/or authorized GPSD staff are permitted on GPSD buses.



    We dismiss walkers and bus students each day at 2:40 PM. All walkers are escorted by a J. Harvey Rodgers School staff member to the cafeteria for dismissal until an authorized adult signs them out. All bus students are escorted by a J. Harvey Rodgers School staff member to their bus line and on the bus.

    Students should remain in school for the full school day, unless unavoidable. Early release of students is only permitted for doctor’s appointments and other urgent business that cannot be done outside of school hours. No students will be released early during the last 30 minutes of the school day (dire emergencies excluded). Individuals who must pick up a child early must report to the main office and be prepared to provide ID.

    Students who do not ride the school bus will be signed out by certified staff at the cafeteria doors along Dickinson Rd. Any adult picking up a student must be prepared to provide ID before a child is dismissed to them.

    If your child normally rides the bus and there is a change to this routine, you must write a note to your child’s teacher that includes the date, the name of the person who will be picking up your child, and a signature from a parent or guardian. Students will only be released to a parent, or an individual designated in writing by a parent. We will ask for a photo ID, so always be prepared to have one available. Make sure that any individual that you designate is also aware of this policy.