• It is important that your child attend school on all school days, unless ill. We recommend that families schedule vacations when school is not in session. Attending school daily will help your child’s academic success and will help to develop a good lifetime habit. Excessive absences may result in retention or paperwork may be filed with the Municipal Court for truancy.

    If your child is absent from school, please call the Rodgers School Attendance Line at 856-652-2700, ext. 5111 to report the absence. If we do not get a call and your child is absent, the school nurse may call you. When your child returns to school, send a note in to your child’s teacher explaining the reason for the absence. Documentation for sickness must be submitted within five days from the time the student returns to school or the absence will be counted as “unexcused”. If your child is absent for three or more consecutive days, a doctor’s note may be requested. However, please be aware that a doctor’s note will not excuse your child for being absent.

    The J. Harvey Rodgers School upholds all attendance policies and regulations as defined by the NJ Department of Education.  Although education under the age of six is considered noncompulsory, once a child is enrolled into a public school, all families are held to these standards as student attendance rates influence state funding.  Once ten absences have been accrued, a mandatory conference will be scheduled with the building Principal.  At that point, paperwork may also be filed with the Municipal Court for truancy if the child is six years of age.

    Children are expected to be in school by 8:40 A.M. Children will be considered absent if they are in school for less than four hours. It is important to have children understand the importance of promptness and good attendance at an early age.  Please reference the chart below.