• Health & Physical Education
    Paul Cynewski
    Maria Grady
    Brett Hillman
    Arielle Visalli 

    Mission Statement for the Health and Physical Education  Department:

    Health and Physical Education Department at Glassboro High School is to develop a personal philosophy that encompasses the mental/emotional, social, nutritional and physical values that will allow the students to experience the maximum quality of a healthy lifestyle in a global society.
    Courses offered
    A four year program of physical education is conducted to include: instruction in fundamental and individual skills, calisthenics, competitive group games and leisure time activities to develop specific motor skills and body functions of gracefulness, balance and coordination.
    A boy or girl cannot be excused from education class for physical problems unless approved by family or school physician. In such cases we require the student’s physician to prescribe in detail the types of activities in which the pupil may engage, to be integrated into a modified physical education program.

    Each student is expected to supply himself/herself with physical education uniforms, socks and sneakers because this equipment is important in obtaining a passing grade.


    soccerGeneral Physical Education (801,804)

    This program includes the elementary skills of team sports, individual and dual sports, as well as theory and rules of play. The course is designed to acquaint students with broad overview of many different sports and games. The physical Education class should help every boy and girl develop strength, coordination, stamina, agility, grace, moral, intellectual, and social values derived from playing and exercising individually and in groups.


    Recreational Activities (803,804)

    The focus of this course is to help students learn a variety of leisure and recreational type activities. The students will attain the knowledgeable understanding of recreational games and activities through instruction and game play. The students will be able to participate in various games for fun and enjoyment and be able to carry them over into later life.


    Human Growth and Development (901)

    This course involves the study of how we develop physically, psychologically, and emotionally.  The changes that occur during our adolescent years are highlighted during this course. Equally important, it provides students with a solid framework for decision making that they need during their adolescent years.


    Driver Education (902)

    The focus of this course is to enable the students to develop a sound foundation of safe driving habits. Through textbook work, films, guest lectures and demonstrations, information on driving techniques, road safety and courtesy are presented to the students. The New Jersey State drivers test is administered at the conclusion of the course.

    First Aid Safety (903)

    The focus of this course is to help students foster a basic understanding of first aid medprocedures, and to develop the confidence and the knowledge needed to perform effectively. The Basic Community First Aid and Safety manual will be studied with an emphasis on life saving techniques. The students will be instructed in the current Community First Aid and Safety- nine hour course authorized by the American Red Cross. Students who successfully complete all skills outlined in the course will be issued a CPR certification.


    Alcohol, Tobacco, Narcotics and Other Health Problems (904)

    This course is designed to increase the students’ knowledge about all drugs (alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, prescription and non prescription)- their characteristics, their effects, and safe and unsafe use. This course also deals with chemical dependency, its early warning signs and symptoms and its effect on the family. The curriculum deals with resources available for help with drug related problems. Study includes a review of the laws and regulations concerning the use of alcohol and drugs.


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