• GIS Care Center Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- 2:10p-3:00p

    Wednesdays- 1:30p-3:00p

    Picture of GIS





    Mrs. Mitchell- Principal

    Mr. Davenport- Guidance

    Ms. Garcia- Guidance

    Mrs. Straube- Nurse

    Mrs. Barr- Head Teacher/SIG Grant Coordinator


     Mentoring Program- Gentlemen by Choice


    7th Grade

    8th Grade


    Mr. Bridges- Math

    Mrs. Batten- Science and STEM

    Mrs. Baer- Choral Music


    Mrs. Budmen- Special Education

    Mrs. Carson- Math

    Mr. Belh- Physical Education

    Ms. Delia- Special Education

    Ms. Ceglia- Writing

    Ms. Fiscella- Computer Science

    Mrs. Meehan- Writing

    Mr. Fithian- Comprehensive U.S. History

    Ms. Hasheian- Orchestra

    Ms. Montana- Science

    Mr. Hagerty- Math

    Mme. Meeks- French

    Mrs. Noble- English and Special Education

    Mrs. Mallardi- Math

    Mr. Myers- Concert Band

    Mr. Pancoast- English

    Mr. O'Rourke- Special Education

    Ms. Nehrbauer- Art

    Mr. Rogers- Life Skills

    Mrs. Schmus- English

    Ms. Parto- Physical Education

    Mr. Schwarz- Western Civilization

    Ms. Shoemaker- Special Education

    Mr. Willis- Financial Literacy

    Ms. Villec- English and Writing