• Concerns About Student Residency? 

    Do you have a concern regarding student residency?  Once of the challenges we face is ensuring that all students are registered with a legitimate address.  What does that mean exactly?  Sometimes parents are using a family member's home address, information from an old home that is within the district, or an entirely falsified address to continue their child's education with the Glassboro Public School District.  If you have a residency concern, you can send us a request to investigate by clicking here and completing our online form 


    GPSD reserves the right to investigate any student's residency status where there is reason to believe that a student may not be legally domiciled within the Borough of Glassboro. 


    Upon receipt of a report, the Office of Student Registration, will conduct a comprehensive record search for guardianship, affidavit of residency, and/or other legal court-appointed residency status. 


    During the investigation, our office may interview the student, various staff members, observe the student's suspected residence, or consult with additional state agencies as needed to determine where the child and family actually reside.

     House Alert If the investigation reveals that the student is a non-resident, the family will be provided with guidance on how to register their students in their home distirct.  At this time GPSD may assess tuition costs for the period of illegal enrollment. 

    Want to submit a request for a residency investigation? Click here to get started.