• Welcome to ART!
    We are learning lots of exciting art techniques, styles, and media this year! As your child's art teacher, it is very important to me to expose the students to many different art techniques, styles, and art media. Each lesson is based in a new technique, on the style of a new artist, or on a time in art history. During a typical art class, the students work to earn the letters A-R-T. They earn these through good behavior, listening to directions, cleaning up responsibly, and lining up quietly. If, at the end of class, we have earned all our letters, we get a crayon in our class crayon box! When the students get to five crayons in their class crayon box, we have a FREE ART DAY! On this day, the students may free draw, build wire sculptures, use Legos, build with blocks, read art books, and use PlayDough.  
    At the end of each art class, I choose one Artist of the Day based on behavior or exceptional artwork. That student receives an Artist of the Day bracelet and FIVE Bulldog Biscuits!   
    It is my goal to grow and expand our culminating ART Show at the end of every school year. This year, the show will take place on May 25 at 4 PM. I will be sending home reminders in the coming weeks!   
    Mrs. Perry- Art Teacher