• CAMERON YOUNGBLOOD- Teacher of Chemistry/Contemporary Science

    Mr. Youngblood comes to Glassboro High School with an abundance of real-world experience as a scientist.  Mr. Youngblood has worked as an Analytical Chemist, Forensic Scientist, and Quality Control Lab Technician before coming to Glassboro High School.  He currently hold three degrees (Master’s degrees in STEM Education and Forensic Medicine, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry), a testament to his belief that learning is a continuous, ongoing process.  It is his hope that his own personal journey can serve as a real life model for my students, and as an indication that we are constantly evolving and improving as individuals. 

    Mr. Youngblood currently serves as the Glassboro High School Girls Tennis coach, as well as a volunteer assistant for the Glassboro High School Boys Basketball team.  He is also a class advisor for the GHS class of 2021, and an active participant in the Black Cultures Club at Glassboro High School.

     It is his goal to provide the students with a source of reference in order to facilitate the learning and development that occurs in and outside of the classroom.  It is hi belief that growth and development of students inside and outside of the classroom is the product of hard work, practice, perseverance, and attention to detail. While Chemistry may be intensive and challenging, he harbors a classroom environment in which students take an active role in their own learning.  When placed in a classroom situation that is stimulating, relevant, and fosters their own personal growth, students will begin to realize their capabilities in and outside of the classroom.  


    Bachelor's of Science- Chemistry (Rochester Institute of Technology-2007)

    Master's of Science-Forensic Medicine (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine-2014)

    Master's of Arts- STEM Education (Rowan University-2016)

    Cameron Youngblood

    Email: cyoungblood@gpsd.us

    Phone: 856-652-2700 ext 8210