1. What is Bulldog Block?

    Bulldog Block, formerly Unit Lunch is a common, campus-wide time period for all students and most staff to eat lunch and conduct meetings, activities, and other enrichment activities.

        2.Why was this new schedule adopted?

    This type of schedule is being adopted at schools across the United States to help alleviate some of the scheduling conflicts that exist, especially for high school students, all across the country.

        3.Who decided to adopt this schedule?

    From January through June, 2014, the School Leadership Team, now called the School Improvement Panel, researched this initiative and visited other schools to observe their common lunch periods. The ScIP (School Improvement Panel) Team is comprised of Teachers, Administrators, and Counselors at GHS.

         4. How long is the Bulldog Block?

    Unit Lunch is 45 minutes long. Previously there were two 30 minute lunch periods. Bulldog Block starts at 10:52AM and lasts until 11:37AM. It is held after second block and before third block. The implementation of the Bulldog Block has allowed for an uninterrupted third block class for all GHS students and staff.

         5.Can a student leave GHS for lunch?

    Prior to the adoption of the Bulldog Block schedule Seniors were allowed to leave the campus for lunch as long as they had a signed parental consent form. Juniors with Gold Renaissance Cards were also extended this privilege. This policy remains in effect. All students who choose to leave the campus must hand in their Lunch Pass at the main entrance and it is returned to them upon their return to school. For security purposes, students may only leave via the main entrance. In this way, all students can be accounted for in the event of an emergency.

          6.Can a Senior student or a Junior with a Gold Card leave via Carpenter Street during Bulldog Block in good weather?

    No. In order to ensure the safety of the students who choose to eat outdoors, students leaving the campus during good weather may only exit using Bowe Boulevard. The driveways will be blocked with traffic cones and a safety barrier.

          7.Can a Senior student or a Junior with a Gold Card leave via Carpenter Street during Bulldog Block in bad weather?

    Yes. Students who normally eat outside will be diverted to the gym in bad weather so students leaving the campus may use Carpenter Street to exit in bad weather. The traffic cones and the safety barrier will not be in the driveway.

          8.Where are students allowed to eat?

    Students may eat in either cafeteria, in the gym, or in the library. Additionally, students can eat in a teacher’s classroom with the permission of the teacher.

         9.How are all of the students able to purchase lunch at the same time?

    Nutri-Serve has worked with the GHS administration to ensure a smooth transition to this schedule. The serving lines have been modified so that they are more efficient. The library has a portable kiosk where staff and students can purchase lunch. All of the students typically get through the line by 11:05AM. Previously, students took about 15-20 minutes in line and they then only had about 10-15 minutes to eat their food. This new schedule allows for students to have the extra time to eat their food without having to hurry.

         10.Can a student purchase lunch at the beginning, middle, or end of the Bulldog Block?

    Yes, the cafeteria stays open to accommodate all students, as some have meetings with teachers, coaches, and advisors at the start of the Unit Lunch period.

         11.Why do students eat on the floor in the gym?

    Students choose to eat in this particular location. There is plenty of seating available in the cafeterias but some of the students seem to enjoy eating and studying in the gym.

         12.Why are students not allowed to eat in the bleachers in the gym?

    Pulling the bleachers in and out every day would cause undue wear and tear on them. Additionally, it is safer for the staff to supervise the students if they are all on the floor level in the gym.

         13.What would happen if there was an emergency at the school during the Bulldog Block period?

    Provisions have been put in place to either evacuate or lockdown the school during this time period. Additionally, drills are held to practice our procedures.

         14.What if I need to pick up my student during the Bulldog Block period?

    Parents/Guardians wishing to pick up their students or drop an item off to them during the Unit Lunch period (10:52-11:37AM) should report to the main office. The student will be called via the PA system and using the walkie talkies.

         15.Do students leave trash around the building after Bulldog Block is over?

    Class meetings are held at the start of this year to introduce the Bulldog Block. At that time the students are told that picking up after themselves is be their responsibility as we only have one daytime custodian at GHS. Additional trash receptacles were purchased and are placed around the building in the common areas where students are permitted to eat.

         16.What are the benefits of the Bulldog Block schedule?

    The staff and students of GHS have responded very positively to this schedule. Students no longer have to worry about having lunch at the time/location of their friends as all students eat at the same time and students can select the location where they wish to eat.

    Teachers are able to meet with their colleagues to discuss lesson plans and to conduct other professional development activities.

    Students are able to make up tests, quizzes, and get extra help from teachers. Advisors can check in with their club members, coaches can meet with their teams, and our Guidance Counselors have been able to check in with many of their students during this time without the loss of any instructional time.

    Students who are involved in athletics or have jobs after school can now participate in clubs that previously only ever met after school.

          17.Have the Bulldog Block procedures changed since the new schedule was implemented in September, 2014?

    Yes, each day the staff, students, administration, SRO, and security guards suggest new, safer, and more efficient procedures for Bulldog Block. Some of the changes we have made are as follows:

    • After a visit from the Glassboro Fire Chief it was decided that we would open the gym to students, as he did not want the students to sit in the main hallway.

    • A rotation of secretaries now monitor the front desk so that the security guards can be better utilized during the period.

    • Volunteer teachers have offered to monitor the Lunch Detention room (B105) so that security guards can be better utilized during the period.

    • The librarian has started to utilize a walkie talkie to alert the rest of the Bulldog Block supervisors when the Library is full, and therefore closed to anymore students.

    • Traffic cones have been placed in both of the back driveways to prevent students who are leaving the campus from exiting via Carpenter Street. This has made it safer for the students who opt to eat outside. Security bars have been ordered to attach to the cones.

    • Students leaving the campus must now hand in their lunch pass each day they choose to leave so that an accurate attendance can be taken of who is in the building in the event of an emergency. It is returned to them upon their return.

    • Common areas (Outdoors, both cafeterias, library, and the gym) are dismissed one minute prior to the bell that ends the period so the students have a (4) minute passing time to get to their lockers and to their third block class.

    • Teachers who are accepting students in their classrooms keep their doors propped open in the locked position so that students who wish to eat/study in their classrooms may enter. This also helps the supervisors to know which classrooms are options for students on any given day.

    • The Business teachers have made the decision to rotate their supervision so that at least one computer lab is open to students every day of Bulldog Block.

    • The GHS Emergency Plan has been modified to include procedures for this time period.