•Girls Learning Our Worth• 

    Facilitator: Ms. Brittinee Garcia - School Counselor


    GLOW is for 8th grade students only.

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    Every Woman Should Know Her Worth

    When you learn how much you are worth, you become more confident in yourself. You realize that other people do not define your happiness. There is no point letting others bring you down when you know you are worth so much.

    Ladies, each one of you are priceless. Your personality and other characteristics add so much to this world. GLOW allows you to learn to become the best version of yourself that you can be, and that means you exude confidence. 

    You focus on being happy and filling your life with good friends, good choices, and environments to make your life better. You are still learning what does and doesn’t provide you with happiness, and that is OK because our whole lives are learning experiences. We make mistakes, but we always learn from them.

    You should never change who you are for ANYONE. Because you are discovering your self-worth, you are learning more about what you are not willing to sacrifice. Who cares if you are a little “weird”? No is ever completely normal, and it’s those quirks that really make us who we are.

    Believe in yourself and everything you are capable of.
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