• Principal Matthews and GIS Teachers Speak About the Common Core
              GLASSBORO – Glassboro Intermediate School Principal Kriston Matthews and teachers Lynn Berman, Susan Mallardi, Michele Meehan, Ilisa Noble and Carol Sharp partnered with JerseyCAN to communicate information about the Common Core Curriculum to viewers in three short educational videos posted on the JerseyCAN website on October 28, 2014.  Perlow Productions, a company based in Marlton, produced the JerseyCAN videos which can be seen at http://commoncore.jerseycan.org. Principal Matthews, Mallardi, Noble and Sharp speak on camera; Berman, Meehan and various students can be seen in classroom segments.


                 "We applaud the teachers and leaders at Glassboro Intermediate for their hard work to make the Common Core come alive in their classrooms, and we thank them for their participation in these videos. The teachers and Principal Matthews at Glassboro Intermediate are taking innovative approaches to embrace the Common Core and engage all of the middle schoolers there creatively," said  Janellen Duffy, JerseyCAN's Executive Director.  

                 The Common Core Curriculum is designed to set a common body of language arts and mathematics knowledge that students should attain by the end of each grade level, regardless of the location of their school district. It also strives to provide graduating students with the skills they need to succeed in college and careers.

                 Matthews, highlighting the importance of preparing students for 21st Century jobs, stated, “Now, business employers aren’t looking for individuals who just have the right answer but those who can think and articulate, can argue and can read technical writing and can annotate it and come back and say, ‘This is the reason why I think this way. This is the reason we should proceed this way.’”

                 “It has allowed me to challenge the students …The Common Core allows us to go deeper into the skills and concepts we’re working on,” noted Sharp.

             Noble said, “The Common Core is more analytical, higher-order thinking for kids.” She appreciates the flexibility the standards allow her to differentiate instruction for different learners. Noble said that the Common Core still enables her to capture students’ interest by tying learning into topics that interest students – like music videos. 

                  “It is a set of end standards. The way you want to present them to your students, the way you want to structure how they are getting this knowledge is all up to you. It is not a set textbook; it’s not a set script that anyone is following. You decide how you’re going to make it meaningful to the student,” pointed out Mallardi.
      JerseyCAN is a non-profit, educational advocacy, research and policy organization. This same organization recognized GIS in September 2013 by naming it as a Top 10 Middle School for its performance gains. The school continued to show performance gains in 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math and 8th Grade Language Arts in its Spring 2014 Testing Results.