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Ms. Cynthia E. Bodden


To parents, colleagues, former and present students (my babies) and Glassboro community:

When I was 7 years old, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. This is my 35th year in the field of education, and in a blink of an eye it's all over.  I began my career teaching in Bridgeton Public Schools in 1985 until receiving my Masters of Arts in School Leadership from Rowan University in 2001.  

Upon receiving my MA and certification as Principal, I was blessed to have been granted the opportunity to be an Assistant Principal, first at Bowe School then finally found my "happy" place at GHS in 2003.  I have had the absolute pleasure of being part of a "village" that has educated so many brillant, talented, creative, comical and courageous students.  Hundreds of parents have shared their most cherished treasures (their children) with me over the years.  During my tenure at GHS, I have had the priviledge to collaborate with, guide, and lead a group of faculty and staff members committed to this profession as I am.  They have been and continue to be dedicated, compassionate, enthusiastic teachers who persevere and give their ALL to meet the needs of the children in our care.  

I am proud of Glassboro High School and the experiences we afford our children.  During their four years at GHS, students will have attended various academies, travelled abroad to Spain, France and Italy, showcased their musical, dramatic, athletic and scholarly talent.  There is an "unofficial" motto we throw around, "GLASSBORO BREEDS CHAMPIONS", which is most appropriate because they are ALL CHAMPIONS!!! 

This has always been more than a job to me.  I believe being an EDUCATOR is a calling--to serve children and advocate for what is right.  This has not always been in alignment with the beliefs of those who regulate education, but I have gladly stood firm for what is right for my students.  I have never had a problem standing up for what is right in order for students to grow and reach for the stars, to show them that education can take them anywhere.  This has always been more important than garnering the approval and favor of those who only see students as tests scores, emphasize budgets and cost-cutting measures over the needs of children. I had the pleasure of hearing Rita Pierson years ago put into words what I always hoped to be as an educator.   

"Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be."

Over the years, I have had the priviledge of maintaining ongoing relationships with former students.  This year i have had the pleasure to be Assistant Principal to several of their children. Here at the end of my career I have recently been reminsicing with them and fellow educators, current and past.  This has brought both smiles and tears.  The decision to retire has been a roller coaster and is bittersweet.  Believe me, this decision has nothing to do with my desire to be that champion for my babies but after awhile a person gets physically and emotionally tired of fighting against the tide, and with a heavy heart I am choosing to leave at the end of February.  Growing up at the shore, we were talk at an early age to never fight against the rip tide, but to float through it to reach safety.  It's just time to float while I can enjoy life, but doesn't mean I won't be there for any of my teachers, students or parents who need me. 

To my teachers please remember your "why" as you continue to walk the halls of GHS; you are the reason this profession is to be honored.  You are the reason children succeed in life.  Regardless of what you are made to feel by those outside of your classroom, district or state, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

To my students, from the Class of 2003 to my current freshmen, you have helped me to fulfill my life's dream.  As I think back to all of "my babies", you have been my salvation during hard times (personally and professionally), my inspiration to perserve through those times, and my responsibility to put forth my best effort each and every day.  Although I will not be here physically, remember I EXPECT GREATNESS FROM EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!

I want to express my sincere gratitude to my students, parents, colleagues, the community of Glassboro and my family(who have sacrificed and shared me for 35 years with my calling) for every single day, every single moment, and every blessing that has come my way.   It has been an honor, priviledge and pleasure to serve you all!


Ms. Cynthia E. Bodden (AKA Momma B; AKA Queen B)


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