Young Scientist

    “The mission of the Science Fair is to focus on providing an outlet to empower students to use data and evidence in order to form conclusions and informed decisions in their search for truth about the natural world while exploring their interest in the sciences.”

    Important Dates!
    This year the science fair will be held on April 11th at Bullock School from 6:45 to 8pm. 
    Information Packets will be distributed starting on Monday, March 4th
    •  The blue entry form is due by Friday, March 16th.  LINK HERE Blue Entry Form
    • The green project form is due Wednesday, April 3rd.  LINK HERE Green Project Card



    Projects must be removed from the gym after the fair either the night of, or the following day before 3:45pm or they will be disposed of.  


    We look forward to seeing the thoughtful ideas and innovative creations that the young minds of Glassboro will bring to the tables of Bullock on April 11th.  See you there!