• Welcome to
    Ms Coppola's Music Room!

    ***** Ms Coppola is the Band director. She also teaches ALL 4th and 5th grade music classes PLUS Mr. Aird's, Mrs. Schofield's and Mrs. Storey's 3rd grade classes. I also am the World Language teacher for Fifer/Rorer, Gigliotti/Avis, and Millard/Cardona's classes!
    ***** Ms Johns is the Orchestra director. She also teaches ALL 1st and 2nd grade classes and the rest of the 3rd grade classes. rjohns@gpsd.us 
    ***** Mr. McCarrick is the Choir director. He also teaches Choir and Music Classes at Bowe Middle School. smccarrick@gpsd.us We will have more information about Choir soon! We thank you for your patience as we get started!
    ***** Students will have Music Class one day per week for the entire school year.
    ***** Many assignments and activities for 4th & 5th graders will be posted in Schoology.
    Introducing... GOLD BAND:
    ***** Students who were in band last year will be in "Gold Band" this year!
    ***** Gold Band with stay after school on WEDNESDAYS to prepare for the Winter Concert. A late bus will be provided or students can be picked up in front of the school around 4:15pm.
    ***** A transportation form will be e-mailed to families shortly. This form MUST be completed and returned before the student is able to stay after school with us.
    ***** We will start rehearsing in October.
    ***** AFTER-SCHOOL BAND, BEGINNER ORCHESTRA, ADVANCED ORCHESTRA, AND CHOIR will share the stage for the Spring Concert on Thursday, December 14, 2023. It will take place at 7pm in Auditorium of Glassboro High School!
    ***** Only students who were in Band or Orchestra last year will be included in this concert.
    ***** All are welcome to attend and admission is free! See you there!
    Contat Ms Coppola:
    By e-mail:   acoppola@gpsd.us 
    School phone number:      856-652-2700 x8142