• Hello GIS parents,


    My name is Ms. Fiscella and I am the computer teacher here at Intermediate. So many things have changed since I started here 8 years ago. Technology being the big one,  because of the SIG grant students now have their own laptops to bring back and forth from school. Last year was our first year with one -on -one laptops and what a game changer academically that was.


    Students also have Google classroom which I use to post videos, assignments, class notes, and drop their work. All they need is wi-fi and they are good to go. So between having their own devices and online homework there really is no excuse for unfinished work. I do not assign homework, but give due dates that are posted well in advance. We do a lot of student-center learning and project based assignments. They also have more than enough time to finish in class so it does not become homework. I am trying to teach accountability along with using time productively.


    If students do not have work by due date they will receive a zero for the assignment. If there are circumstances in which the student could not do the work, due to  illness or other factors I can work that out with parents/guardians. I review and follow every students IEP, 504 and factor in modifications. Again, students are told well in advance when work is due, written on the board, and put in Google classroom. I hope together with this technology we can give your child the best education they deserve. I look forward to teaching our next generation of doctors, lawyers, super stars and anything they want to be children.


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