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    Each child brings to school his or her own unique interests and experiences, special abilities, and developmental needs. We build on each child’s strengths, while providing an environment rich with new ideas and experiences designed to encourage growth.

    Our program is developmentally based and is designed for the age group served and is implemented with attention to the needs and differences of the individual children enrolled. The curriculum is geared to students’ levels of understanding, different rates of development and learning styles, varying cultural backgrounds, and prior experiences. A multitude of hands-on experiences is provided.

    Assessments are completed three times per year. The main goal of assessment is to drive instruction. We can determine how much growth children have made, whether instructional strategies are meeting student needs, and where we need to concentrate our teaching efforts.

    We believe that school should be a positive, enjoyable experience for children, and that it is critical to each child’s success to feel safe, encouraged and loved. In accordance, we have certain behavioral expectations that will allow all children to feel comfortable in the school setting. At this age level, we believe that it is our responsibility, with the support of parents, to teach the behaviors that are appropriate in the school setting. Our approach to teaching these behaviors is a positive one and follows the schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) philosophy through our Bulldog Buddies program. 

    We trust that you and your child will have a wonderful experience at Rodgers School. We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities for parent involvement and enjoy your child’s early school experiences. Please feel free to ask questions or provide suggestions for school improvement at any time.