Message from the Superintendent:
    Welcome to Glassboro Schools

    Superintendent Silverstein  

    Dear Glassboro Resident:

    Welcome to Glassboro Public Schools. 

    We have optimized our schools with the sale of Glassboro Intermediate School. Thomas E. Bowe School is now a true middle school, educating Glassboro's sixth through eighth graders. Dorothy L. Bullock School is a comprehensive elementary school, educating first through fifth graders. Glassboro High School continues to provide ninth through 12th grade students with opportunities to explore, grow, and prepare for college and careers. J. Harvey Rodgers School remains a place where prekidergarten and kindergarten students enjoy an early childhood atmosphere just for them.

    Our principals look forward to introducing additional clubs, musical activities, sports, and leadership opportunities at several schools. The district will kick-off a new character education program as well.

    We are proud of our Performing Arts, STEM/Biomedical and Business Leadership Academy Programs, which we offer in partnership with Rowan University. We are also a Rowan University Professional Development District. This provides additional support in our classrooms and offers our faculty professional development opportunities.

    As a Glassboro resident, you're an important part of our school district. We hope you'll take the time to attend concerts and other school events. Children thrive when parents, school districts, and communities work together. 



    Dr. Mark J. Silverstein
    Superintendent of Schools




















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Last Modified on August 23, 2022