• Mrs. Debes's Second Grade Class: Room B-43 
     email: sdebes@gpsd.us             Phone (856) 652-2700  ext. 8145 
    4th- Individual Student Pictures
    4th-Back to School Night 6:30pm
    5th- PK through 8 Students Off
    8th- Schools Closed/Columbus Day
    31st- Halloween Parade 1:30 pm
    8th and 9th- Schools Closed/NJEA Convention
    12th- Schools Closed/Veteran's Day Observed
    21st- Early Dismissal 1:00 pm
    22nd and 23rd- Schools Closed/Thanksgiving
    7th- @ Hour Delayed Opening
    21st- Early Dismissal 1:00 pm
    24th-Winter Break Begins
    2nd- School Reopens
    10th through 14th- Early Dismissal/Parent Teacher Conferences
    21st- Schools Closed/Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
     15th - Schools Closed/Teacher In-Service(#1 Snow Make-Up)
    18th- Schools Closed/Presdident's Day
    22nd- African American Read-In 9 am
    8th- 2 hour Delayed Opening
    14th- Class Pictures
    Week of the 18th -22rd: Early Dismissal/Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair
    21st- Second Grade Choir Performance 9:30 am
    11- Science Fair
    9 through the 26- School Closed-Spring Break  
    29- Schools Reopen
    27th- Schools Closed- Memorial Day 
    11th- Field Day
    14th-Early Dismissal-1:00
    16th- Early Dismissal- 1:00
    17th- Early Dismissal- 1:00
    18th- Early Dismissal- 1:00 Last Day of School
     Make Up Snow Days
    Snow Day #1- February 15
    Snow Day #2- April 26
    Snow Day #3- April 25
    Snow Day #4- April 24
    Snow Day #5- April 23
    Snow Day #6- June 19 OR Saturday TBD (to be determined)
    Snow Day #7- June 20 OR Saturday TBD
    Snow Day #8- June 21 OR Saturday TBD
Last Modified on September 30, 2018