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    Day 56 at Home
    Get ready for summer!   
    Starting today you will be working on your Memory book on Seesaw!
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    Mrs. Dalfonso                              Mrs. Mahoney
     Please contact us at: 
    email address-adalfonso@gpsd.us and jmahoney@gpsd.us if you any questions or concerns.
    You can also visit our Facebook page Fabulous Firsties of Bullock. 
    Remember to follow your picture schedule that is below to make sure you are completing today's assignments. :)


     SEL story for the Week

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      This is the SEL story for the week.  You can draw a picture of the characters and label them, include your setting and then identify the problem and the solution.  If you would like to use speech balloons to show the character speaking and color your work that would be great! Here is an organizer that you can use to go along with your story.

     Please use this schedule to keep your work organized for the day.  

    Daily Online Schedule

    Today's Lessons 

    You will be finishing up for the week with your last lesson for your online programs!

    Raz Kids

    Log on to Raz Kids.

     Listen to a story of your choice (these stories are based on your child's current reading level)

     Read the same story.

     Take the quiz of the same story.

    Make sure you are completing all 3 tasks from the SAME STORY.


    After you are finished completing all 3 tasks, you are free to listen or read any other stories.

    - You are only completing ONE lesson on Zearn. You should be on Module 6. There are about 3-4 mini lessons you will complete. You will know you are finished when it says LESSON COMPLETED. You can then sign out. 

    Each day, we will be putting a new Fundations lesson video here. Please review with your child and participate in the activities. We will go over some of these skills in our whole group sessions.


    As we start Unit 12 today, we are also going to start completing the Fundations lessons online! If you did not receive an email from us last night with instrutions on how to log on to seesaw.com, please let us know as soon as possible so we can send you the information. We will be also talking to the kids about it today during our whole group session. Seesaw.com is a fun, creative way for the kids to respond to the lesson of the day.

     *** Students are still responsible to complete Raz Kids and Zearn. Seesaw is now being added for Fundations lessons.


    Here are the lessons for the week:

     https://youtu.be/Qx5KHKrcMNQ Monday

    https://youtu.be/O4jJpE1nxFc Tuesday

    https://youtu.be/NqDKoJSWzGk Wednesday

    https://youtu.be/OXhvI2COTPg Thursday

    https://youtu.be/PixyEZBKcA4  Friday

    Unit 13 Trick Words


     Please practice your vowel sounds using the chart below.

    Big picture

      Specials Time

    Monday- World Cultures- https://www.gpsd.us/Domain/840

    Tuesday- Art- https://www.gpsd.us/Domain/651

    Wednesday- Technology- https://www.gpsd.us/Domain/705

    Thursday- Music- https://www.gpsd.us/Domain/832

    Friday- Gym- https://www.gpsd.us/Domain/451

     You can also click- https://www.smore.com/yz9hk to check out Ms. Brice's smores page!

    **Reminder: need a brain break routine? Gonoodle is a great website to go on to have the kids dance and be silly or breathe and get calm. We use it for transitions between subjects in the classroom. It's free so make sure to check it out!



    Click here for Glassboro District updates on the Corona (Covid-19) Virus.

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    Click here to access your child’s Reading A-Z/RAZ Kids account.

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    Keeping School Safe


    Keeping Home Safe

    Monday-World Cultures
    Thursday-Physical Education
    Friday-1:20 Book Exchange/Computers follows
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