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    Fourth Grade Classroom Supply List


    The following items are suggested supply items for the school year.  Please label all items with your name.  All of the items can be found for less than a dollar.  Keep your eyes open for those great back to school sales or even hit those dollar store.  Happy shopping!!!


    * headphone

    *1-one inch three ring binder

    * 1 pencil case

    * 1 dozen (or more) #2 pencils

    * 1 hand held pencil sharpeners with a top (Non-battery)

    * 1 box of crayons (no larger than 24 ct.)

    * 1 package of loose-leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)

    * 1 package of 3 ct. glue sticks

    * 1 Black & White composition book (wide-ruled)

    * 1 stretchy book cover (medium size)

    * 2 pocket folders (different colors)

    * 1 scissors (blunt end)

    * 1 pack colored pencils


    The following items are suggested items to be donated for whole class use:


    * 2 (or more) dry erase markers

    * 2 pink erasers 0r pencil cap erasers

    * 2 roll of paper towels

    *2 large boxes of tissues

    *1 package sticky notes (post-it)

    *1 box Ziploc Bags (any size)

    *1 bottle hand sanitizer

















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    Fourth Grade!

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Last Modified on August 30, 2021