Tuesday, January 28, 2020


    …to Mr. Riley’s

    6th Grade Classroom! 

    Dear Students,

    I am so pleased to have you in my classroom!  I have been looking forward to starting a new school year with you, and I’m sure that you are just as excited about starting your 6th grade year as well.  You are now the oldest students at Bowe School, which brings many new and exciting events and experiences to look forward to.  Being the oldest students also means added responsibility, both academically and behaviorally.  You are the students that the 4th and 5th graders will look up to, so it is important to serve as good role models and be a proud reflection of our school.  With your cooperation and hard work, your last year here at Bowe School will be both memorable and successful!

    The following pages outline many of the things that you will need to know pertaining to this classroom and/or our school.  Please keep this packet in a safe place so that you or your parents may refer to it when needed.

    Student Supplies

    You will need:

    • NO water bottles permitted in classroom, unless deemed necessary for Health purposes by nurse.
    • backpack
    • 1-inch binder for Math
    • ½-inch binder for Science & Social Studies
    • 2 folders for Take-Home papers and Health
    • 4 jumbo-sixe Book Sox
    • pencils and pens (blue and/or black)
    • box of tissues (optional, but extremely appreciated!)

    Classroom Rules and Discipline Policy

    You are expected to follow the classroom rules at all times.  Our classroom rules are as follows:

    1. We will be respectful of our classmates, teachers, and other adults.
    2. We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.
    3. We will listen when others are talking.
    4. We will work quietly and not disturb others.
    5. We will come prepared to class each day.

    If you fail to follow classroom rules, the consequences may include a verbal warning, note home to parents, or phone call home to parents.  If poor behavior persists, other possible consequences may be after school detention(s), teacher conference with parent(s) and student, and/or Assistant Principal or Principal action.

    Classroom Procedures and Expectations

    Morning Procedure

    When entering the classroom in the morning, you will do the following:

    1. Unpack everything you will need for the day. Put your belongings in the coat rack neatly.  Use your designated hook number to hang jackets and light backpacks.  Heavy backpacks should be placed on the floor against the wall.
    2. Order lunch if necessary. See Mr. Riley.
    3. Turn in all homework to the homework bin. This bin is located in the front of the room on the teacher’s podium.
    4. Sharpen your pencils (2).
    5. Copy your homework into your planners. Homework chart is found on the left side of the white board.
    6. Complete your morning work. Your morning work assignment will be written on the whiteboard.

    You are expected to move about the room and/or work quietly.  Because we have specials in the morning, it is important that you do not waste time.

    Classroom Conduct

    During the school day, there will be times for individual work, as well as times for group work and sharing.  When I am teaching a lesson, or if it is time for individual work, you are expected to raise your hand if you have a question.  During activities involving group work, you are permitted to talk to your group members using a reasonable speaking volume.  However, your conversations should be limited to only that pertaining to the task at hand.

    Dismissal Procedure

    At the end of the day, we will prepare to go home.  You will be dismissed to get your belongings from the coat rack so that you may pack up.  You must stop at your mailbox and empty it.  All papers from your mailbox should be put in your Take-Home folder.  Once you are packed up, you will inspect your area to make sure nothing is left on your desk or on the floor.  Students who have classroom jobs, such as mailman and custodian, are to do their jobs at this time.  During dismissal, you are expected to remain seated at your desk and quietly read your AR book.  When you are dismissed over the loudspeaker, you are to stack your chair neatly in front of your group of desks before leaving the classroom.

    Outside the Classroom Procedures and Expectations

    Student Hall Monitoring

    Each time you leave the classroom you must fill out the Hall Monitoring Form located on top of mailbox.  If you need to leave the classroom for any reason (restroom, nurse, etc.), you must first raise your hand to get permission.  Next, fill out the hall monitoring form with the date, name, destination, and time out.  When you return to the classroom, you must record the returning time and resume classroom activity.

    Walking in the Hallway

    When walking through the hallway, you are to be quiet and in a straight line.  You are also expected to keep your hands to yourself.  Talking is not permitted so that we do not disturb any other classes that we pass.

    Special Areas

    You are expected to behave in special area classes as you would in this classroom.  Each special area teacher may have his or her own unique set of rules, but understand that our classroom rules apply to special area classes as well.  You are a reflection of your teachers, and misbehavior will not be tolerated.  If problems occur in special areas, you may not only have consequences in that class, but may have consequences in this class as well.

    Fire Drill Procedures

    When the alarm sounds, you are to quietly and calmly stand up, push in your chair, and line up by the outside door in our classroom.  The person in line is to wait for the signal of a teacher before leading the class outside.  When exiting the classroom, we will make an immediate right out of the door and head straight.  Just beyond the parking lot, we will line up at our designated spot.  You are to remain quiet throughout the fire drill so that you will be able to hear all instructions.

    Homework Policy

    Each day, you will be given homework to complete.  Homework is to be recorded each day in your planner book during the designated time.  I encourage you to use your planner book at home and check off each homework assignment recorded in your book as you finish it and put it away in your homework folder.  Failure to turn in homework on the day that it is due will result in a zero.  Failure to turn in homework assignments will also periodically result in a “working lunch”, where you will come back to the classroom during lunch time to complete any missing assignments.


    When students demonstrate excellent work habits or exhibit positive behaviors that surpass what is already expected of them, I feel that students should be rewarded in those instances.  Therefore, you may earn “Bowe Buck” tickets.  These tickets may enable you to have a free treat in the cafeteria, a pass on a homework assignment, or computer time. 

    Accelerated Reader Requirements

    You are expected to read and take a test on a minimum of 4 books per marking period.  There should be no time at which you do not have an AR book that you are currently reading.  You are responsible for finding your AR books, and the books you choose should be appropriate for your reading level.  Books tested on that are not appropriate for your reading level will not count!  At the end of each marking period the 4 highest AR test grades earned will be averaged together to give an “Independent Reading” grade on your report card.  Due dates with reminder letters will be given throughout the marking period to ensure that you do not fall behind in your reading.  If you consistently fail to meet the AR requirements by the given deadlines, it will result in a “working lunch”, where you will come back to the classroom during lunch time to catch up on your reading.




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