• Mr. Stephen Belh
    Health and Physical Education Teacher
    "You can't make people listen to you.  You can't make them execute.  That might be a temporary solution for a simple task.  But to implement real change, to drive people to accomplish something truly complex or difficult - you can't make people do those things.  You have to lead them."
    "When setting expectations, no matter what has been said or written, if substandard performace is accepted and no one is held accountable - if there are no consequences - that poor performace becomes the new stardard.  Therefore leaders must enforce starndards."
         My name is Stephen Belh and I am a Health and Physical Education Teacher at Glassboro Intermediate School.  I am fortunate enough to now teach my full day at Glassboro Intermediate School.  After a few years of splitting my time at Glassboro High School and the Intermediate School, I have now found my home at the Intermediate School.   
         It is with great pride that I tell you I am a product of the Glassboro Public School District.  I graduated from Glassboro High School in 1999 after years at Academy Street School, Bowe School, and Glassboro Intermediate School.  There is no better thing than to dedicate my life to giving back to the place that has given so much to me.  The Glassboro Public School system is a family of which I am proud to be part of. 
         You will also find the grading breakdown for the Physical Education Program as well as the Health Program on the left side of the page.  Feel free to look through it and see how we run our program.  Thank You.
    "I can't hide my Bulldog Pride"







Last Modified on October 27, 2017