Library Aide
    Nicole Lee


    Library Mission Statement:

    The Library creates a culture that values learning and diversity and encourages all to think, create, and grow.

    Our library collection is automated using the Destiny Cataloging System.
    Students can access our book collection from this web-based catalog on their laptop.
    The media center
    is open to all students throughout the morning and during lunches.
    The media center provides the following services for students:
    • Borrowing of books and magazines
    • Use of reference books
    • Internet access
    • Access to our web-based catalog 
    • Word processing and printing services 
    "Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.  They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.  Libraries change lives for the better." --Sidney Sheldon

     Get together @ the Library!
    "Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy." --Barack Obama 

    The Library Scavenger Hunt is a group learning activity that focuses on information literacy and library orientation proficiency while introducing and reinforcing information retrieval skills using our cataloging system (Destiny), the Dewey Decimal system, and the internet. Hunts can be customized, through library and faculty collaboration, to complement relevant classroom lesson plans or activities.
    A Scholastic Book Fair will be held during the spring for the students to purchase new books.  Language Arts classes will be invited to vist during class time throughout the week.  The Book Fair will also be open during special events and parent conferences. The Book Fair is a fundraiser for acquisitions and our library programs such as Bulldogs Read Book Club, Library Scavenger Hunts, Trivia Contests, and other events. 
    The library holds a Trivia Contest each month.  A question will be read over the morning announcements at the beginning of the month. Students and staff have all month to find the answer within our library. The objective is to practice research and citing skills using our library resources. Students may submit their answers on the yellow forms located on the library main desk. You must include your source (title, author, and page)! One winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct answers. A small prize is awarded to the monthly winner. 
    The library gladly accepts donations of age appropriate books and magazines. Donations may be added to the library collection or shared with classroom teachers. We also gladly take abandoned houseplants, out of style holiday decorations, and lonely aquarium fish. The fish will go in the aquarium at Bullock School.


    Scholastic Book Fair

    Thanks to everyone who made our book fair a success!

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