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    Wayne Rulon G.H.S. Mathematics Teacher
    Courses Taught:
    * Algebra 2  (5 courses taught this school year)
     This course may be elected following Algebra 1 or Geometry. Algebra II consists of four units: (a) Complex Solutions and Modeling with Rational Exponents, (b) Polynomials and Analysis of Nonlinear Functions, (c) Periodic Models and the Unit Circle, and (d) Making Inference, Justifying Conclusion, and Conditional Probability. Prerequisite: Algebra I with a grade of “70” of better.
    * Honors Calculus (1 course taught this school year)
     Honors Calculus Calculus is a course that closely parallels the content presently offered in colleges and universities, including differential and integral calculus. Other topics include Trigonometry, coordinate geometry of lines and conic sections, limits continuity, the definition of differentiation plus derivatives, and integrals with their applications. Prerequisite: Pre-calculus with a grade of “80” or better recommended.
    Education:Clearview Regional High School Class of '96
    Bachelor's in Mathematics from Rowan University Class of '00
    Master's of Mathematics from Rowan University Class of '11
    Phone: 856-652-2700 Ext. 8238 Email:  wrulon@gpsd.us
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