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     English as a Second Language

         A good way to help students improve their English language skills is enable them to practice in a safe environment, so that the skills learned during the year are not lost or weakened.  Teenagers keep their academic progress fresh through various avenues such as taking frequent trips to the library, watching educational programs and movies, as well as going on excursions.  One important way of achieving success this is through the use of the internet. Want your English to improve? Check out these websites:


           ESL Class is a class for students whose first language is not English. In this class the focus is on helping each learner acquire better English language skills. The challenge of this class is that each student arrives at a different ability level. The rewards of teaching this course include; learning about other cultures,and watching all my students teach and learn from one another! I only speak one langugage, but I am trying to learn the basics in Turkish, Spanish, Mandarin,Thai,Vietnamese and more! Students in ESL class are also working with the READ 180 Learn Conversational English programs to enhance their skills and success in American schools.

           Visitors are encouraged to stop by, ask questions, observe, and encourage all of my students. (As long as you have a pass!)

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