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    Benvenuti! alla classe d'italiano!
    In my student-teacher agreement you will be able to find the following information:
     Philosophy in teaching.
    Syllabi  for this school year(2019-2020).
    Grading system for the College Prep., and Honor classes.
              Carissimi Parents and Guardians:  Benvenuti to the Spring Semester

    This semester I will be teaching College Prep Italian I and Honors Italian III.

       Please take this homework pass to your child, s/he may use it for any homework assignments, except one that is assigned right before a test/quiz or a writing assignment.

    Last year we started an Italian club, we would love for your child to be part of it. We meet once a month, or as needed to plan activities and learn more of the Italian culture.

    We are at the beginning  stage of planning a trip to Italy possibly next school year. I have a panel of volunteer student s that will help narrow the choices of where we want to go.  As soon as we have a couple of choices, I would LOVE to have you (parents) input on the final decision.

    Feel free to email me with any issues/questions you might have.

    Thank you for coming to our Spring Back to School Night

         * Level III is considered an Honor Course. This means that student’s grade in these classes are weighted and upon application, they will receive college credit from Camden County College.  The students need to maintain a C or above.


        *All students must have a book for silent reading.

       *All students are expected to respect each other and faculty members at all times

       *All students must be ON TIME for class

       * It is the duty of the absent student to get missing assignments from me.  THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

       * Un libro, una matita, un quaderno must be brought to class every day.

       *Quizzes-same policy as in the past. If you are not happy with a quiz grade, YOU need to come to me during lunch, after school, or before school to talk about and retake the quiz. You may retake the quiz as many times as needed.  You need to come prepared to take the quiz on its original date. You do not have a choice of opting to take the quiz for another date. Cheating  will not be tolerated! If caught an automatic and definite zero will be given, as well as a phone call home!(Please do not take this chance!)

    *Notebooks will be checked at least twice a semester. I will explain in class my method of grading notebooks. (Only for College Prep Italian I)




    Syllabus College Prep. I

    Unit I-Greetings/ Geography

    Unit II-The classroom/time/subjects/activities

    Unit III-The family

    Honors Italian III

    Unit I-Sentire e Vivere

    Unit II-Un’estate tutta diversa-At the airport/Italia-tour

    Unit III- Italian literature/Poetry


    Grading Policy:

    40% tests/ Projects,                          30% Quizzes/PBA                       
    30% HW, CW, Class Participation


                                                               Teacher Philosophy

       As an educator, I have committed myself to helping students grow into responsible, independent and knowledgeable adults. I will encourage all students to exercise moral and ethical behavior, demonstrate a social consciousness and treat each other and faculty with RESPECT. I firmly believe that everyone has something positive to offer the class, so everyone will be encouraged to participate and contribute to classroom activities.

     Any questions you may have, you can reach me by email. I find this is the easier way to communicate!.
    Have a great day!

    italian students


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