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    This page is designated for parents to keep informed on the activities that are taking place during GT.  Parents can access photos, curriculum content, upcoming events and more.  This page will be updated as students progress through their units of study.  On the bottom of this page you will find a link to access resources, and additional support.  

    Parents, if you have a resource you would like to share, or have a specific question you feel other parents can benefit from, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Castro, District GT Coordinator at 856-652-2700, ext. 8132, or via email at acastro@gpsd.us.  Together, we are a community; together we are stronger for our children.  

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    Grades 6 & 7 Curriculum 

    Grade 8 Curriculum 


    Upcoming Events:

    -February 23rd: Grades 6-8 will head to Superior Court to meet with Criminal Court Judge, Hon. Kevin Smith.  Grades 6 & 7 will conduct their mock trials, while Grade 8 students will serve as jurors for both cases. Mock Trial DATE: February 23rd...students should dress in their best! 

    - February 6: Grade 8 students will head to Bullock School to conduct their Immigration on Ellis Island Simulation Project with the entire third grade.

    -March 13: Grade 7 students will head to the Philadelphia Zoo to conduct research on the Indian White-Eyed Bird, as part of their Mock Trial on Environmental Issues. 

    -March 15: Grade 8 students are scheduled to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty! More information will be forthcoming. 

  • Grade 6

    Students are reviewing cases to familiarize themselves with legal terminology regarding civil and criminal proceedings. Once cases are reviewed, students work with partners to identify evidence from both the plaintiff and the defendant.  Students are asked to engage in a "debate" as they deliberate cases and render a verdict.  In the upcoming weeks, students will decide what Mock Trial script from Law Adventures they would like to conduct in court.  Once a case is selected, students will revamp the script to add evidence to the discovery of the case, as well as the questions that will be asked during cross-examination.     

  • Grade 7:

    Students have decided to write a mock trial on an environmental issue to help raise awareness regarding the Indian White-Eye bird. This mock trial will be completely written and performed by students in Superior Court with the goal of changing policy.  In addition, students will work on an individual passion project that will help raise awareness regarding sustainable efforts.  Students will decide if they want to focus on changing a policy in their home, school, or local community.  


  • Grade 8

    Students are working on designing an Ellis Island Immigration Simulation for the entire third grade. Students conducted research on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and are now highlighting various aspects of both landmarks to incorporate into the simulation. 

Photos from 2022-2023