• NOTICE: Please note all students already enrolled in GT this year will be administered the NNAT before the end of the school year.  This data will be used for consideration into the program for the 2024-2025 school year.

    Parent Request for NNAT Testing for the 2024-2025 school year is now open!  Please email acastro@gpsd.us to submit your request.

    Welcome to Bullock School's GT Parent Page!


    This page is designated for parents to keep informed on the activities that are taking place during GT.  Parents can access photos, curriculum content, upcoming events and more.  This page will be updated as students progress through their units of study.  On the bottom of this page you will find a link to access resources, and additional support.  

    Parents, if you have a resource you would like to share, or have a specific question you feel other parents can benefit from, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Castro, District GT Coordinator at 856-652-2700, ext. 8132, or via email at acastro@gpsd.us.  Together, we are a community; together we are stronger for our children.  

  • To access curriculum content by grade level, please click on the link/s below: 

    Grades 1 & 2 Curriculum 

    Grade 3 Curriculum 

    Grades 4 & 5 Curriculum


    Upcoming Events & Announcements: 

    • Due to MAP testing, students in Grade 2 will have GT THIS THURSDAY, May 2nd, instead of Wednesday. 
    • Grades 4 & 5 students in GT will watch a LIVE Broadcast on May 3rd at 1 PM. Students will engage with other students across the nation as they interact with representatives from various space agencies and NASA.  FLYER   
    • WATCH PARTY on May 16th!  Grade 2 students who completed their projects for the Philadelphia Zoo, along with students in grade 7 will participate in a WATCH PARTY where they will watch a live stream of the UNLESS CONTEST Award Ceremony at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Flyers went home with a QR code where you can sign up to donate a snack if you are able.  You can also access the sign-up sheet here.                             
  • Grades 1 & 2

    Students in grades 1 and 2 enrolled in our GT Program are working on a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.  Students are partnered with the Philadelphia Zoo and Empowered Schools, as they complete weekly benchmarks.  Below, you will see some photos taken during our sessions.

    Grade 1 students designed light switch covers that will be copied and laminated for students to give away to their teachers, friends and family members.  The light switch covers have messages that will remind users to conserve energy. Students continue to work to complete weekly benchmarks for Empowered Schools and the Philadelphia Zoo as part of their campaign. 

    Grade 2 students were challenged with repurposing a water bottle into something new.  Students conducted research in class and sketched out what they wanted to create at home.  Students shared their projects with classmates and explained the process of making their new design. In the upcoming weeks, students will work on their written portion of their project and a digital storyboard that will help spread awareness.  All in all, this project helped students learn how repurposing objects can help reduce their carbon footprint. 

    Congratulations to our 2nd graders!  They received SECOND PLACE for their submission to this year's UNLESS Contest.  Over 40 schools participated, and their project was recognized by the Philadelphia Zoo. 



  • Grade 3

    Below, you will see pictures of students enrolled in our Grade 3 GT Program.  Our young scholars are working with Engineering students from Rowan University, under the supervision of Dr. Jahan.  Weekly, students are exposed to hands-on activities that will challenge their thinking. Students are exploring chemical reactions, creating circuits, and more.   

  • Grades 4 & 5

    Below, you will see pictures of 4th and 5th grade students enrolled in our GT Program.  Students learned how to code Ozobots, which are handheld robots that are coded using color. 

    Students kicked off their Flight Unit with a Q&A session with Mr. Burgos, air traffic controller, from JFK Airport. Students were able to learn about his career in aviation.  Following the introduction to aviation, students built their prototype paper airplane and conducted data collection, using both qualitative and quantitative measures.  Students were tasked to build a paper airplane with the knowledge they have currently.  Their planes took three trial runs in the hallway to allow for data collection. Students jotted down the distance of flight, as well as other observations.  In the upcoming weeks, students will learn about the principles of flight, aerodynamics and the scientific method. Students will be tasked with using their new knowledge to revamp their airplane design, and create a new model.  Students will conduct research, consult with experts in the field, and analyze data to justify their design.  


Grades 3-5 Visit Historic Philadelphia